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Automatic card issuing equipment Automatic card issuing equipment Automatic card issuing equipment Automatic card issuing equipment
Product name : Automatic card issuing equipment
Product No. : F1-1000-RS232
Introduction : F1 - 1000 high performance card issuing equipment
1 : Send out the cards according to your settings
2 : You can install the card reader
Application : The main application is in the parking lot
1 : management system, expressway toll gate,
2 : self-service charging system, self-service card vending terminal, etc.
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The F1-1000 automatic dispenser is a standard configuration motor card distributor with RFID antenna space.
The F1-1000 design machine comes with a card and a collection function that can be assigned according to your setup card
To facilitate your card vending and recovery solutions.
Product function
- Unique dispensing wheel design: is capable of issuing various embossing cards accurately.
- Convenient and simple card adjustment design
  is stable and accurate to dispense cards with various thicknesses.
- Compact structure design: effectively saves space for the complete machine.
- Rear card capture box: provides convenience for card management.
- Simple collection channel design: satisfies user requirement for large collection amount.
- Multiple sensors: are able to judge the card position and indicate the card status.
- Scientific card transfer wheel design: automatically avoids dust accumulation which will lead to slippage.
- Multiple levels of sensor circuit protection: prevents optical interference.
- Supports multiple communications (max. 16 C/Ds).
- Supports online upgrade program.

F1 -1000 meets most of the application of self-service card allocation and collection. 
You can customize your own RFID smart card allocator through a third-party RFID reader. 
You can also refer to our F3 smart card allocator. Support for read contactless cards and contact cards.

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