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Small Auto Card Issuing Machine Small Auto Card Issuing Machine Small Auto Card Issuing Machine Small Auto Card Issuing Machine
Product name : Small Auto Card Issuing Machine
Product No. : F1-2000
Introduction : F1 - 2000 small automatic card distribution equipment
1 : according to your settings, the card will be issued
2 : 
Application : It is mainly used in the mobile robot card issuing
1 : management system, expressway toll gate,
2 : self-service charging system, self-service card vending terminal, etc.
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F1 - 2000 automatic card issuer design machine with card issuing function, according to your settings card. 

F1 - 2000 can only operate automatic card issuing, the size is too small, do not support the late installation of the card reader.

Product function
- Unique distribution wheel design: able to accurately publish a variety of embossing card.
- Easy and simple card adjustment design Is stable and accurate distribution of various thickness of the card.
- Compact structural design: the effective savings of the whole machine space.
- Scientific card transmission wheel design: automatically avoid dust accumulation, resulting in slip.
- Multi-stage sensor circuit protection: to prevent optical interference.
- Supports multiple communications (up to 16 C / D).
- Support online upgrade process.

F1 - 2000 meets the application of automatic allocation of most cards. 
Small size advantage, most of the use in the small robot project application

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