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Magnetic card reader with buzzer

-RS-232 inteface

Model No.: LX-Mx0 Series

**Model Number Rules**
X=U=USB Interface
X=S=RS232 Interface
X=K=PS2 Interface
x=1=Read first track only
x=2=Read Second track only
x=3=Read Third track only
x=5=Read first and second track only
x=6=Read second and third track only
x=8=Read all track (1,2,3 track)
Example: LU-M80 means USB interface and read all three tracks.

Magnetic card reader


1. Brief Introduction
RS-232 magnetic card serial products are hand swipe operated magnetic card reading machine with 232 interface, adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. They have small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance. They comply with ISO-7811,7812 magnetic card decoding standard completely. It can read card bi-directionally, free to choose data with or without enter key and has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly. Exquisite magnetic installation structure makes card reading more stable and reliable, which is our patented technology. Reasonable product design makes products small and compact.

2. Technical Feature
-2 color LED & Buzzer indicator can controllable by upper PC/server command.
-ISO7811,12,13, AMMVA,
-Bi-direction card reading, high capacity program design, high card reading ability.
-Can free to choose enter key between data of each track.
-Can customize tract starting character.
-Magnetic head contact well with cards, and ensures cards to have least abrasion.
-Adopting arm suspension type magnetic head assembly method enables machine with soft elasticity and good hand feel.
-Elasticity will not change in 10,000,000 times, which greatly increases life span of magnetic head.
-Installing magnetic head in the magnetic head box makes track position of magnetic head more precise to ensure success card reading rate, and appearance of product looks more beautiful.
-Specific integrated circuits guarantee AMP 15% of the card can work properly. Dual-track static current of the whole machine is below 4mA/5V.
-Strong interference resistance.
-Precise electric circuit disposition can read high magnetic card at 4000Oe completely. Magnetic head adopts platinum manganese alloy material, which makes it life span over 800,000 times.



msr-pcb-board specifications 4-enquireoments-require Communication Protocols: command1

Note:T1_SS:Start symbol of track 1, T1_ES:End symbol of track 1
T2_SS:Start symbol of track 2, T2_ES:End symbol of track 2
T3_SS:Start symbol of track 3,T3_ES:End symbol of track 3
TRn:Read tracks selection:
0×31 track 1
0×32 track 2
0×34 track 3
0×33 track 1 and 2
0×36 track 2 and 3
0×37 track 1.2.3
CR:Tracks end enter to output selection
0×30:Without enter
0×31:With enter


Command list

command2 command3 command4

Data is magnetic card data, format is:% track 1 data? ;track 2 data? +track 3 data? ,%;+?is each tracks start/end symbol,if one of track without corresponding start symbol, the end symbol will not be exist also. When this command get magnetic card data that will empty immediately. If execute this command again and do not swiping card that will be return failed.



LED and Buzzer indicate basic control commands(Optional Model):

Protocol / Command from Server to ON/OFF LED
Send “R01” _ to turn ON Red LED
Send “R00” _ to turn OFF Red LED
Send “G01” _ to turn ON Green LED
Send “G00” _ to turn OFF Green LED
Protocol / Command from Server to ON/OFF BUZZER
When swipe card, for slave side, if card data was reading success, there is one sound “Bi”, if fail, there is two sound “Bi..Bi”
And, the buzzer also can be control by upper PC/server’s command, command format as:
Send “BZ01Tnnnn” _ to turn ON BUZZER for “nnnn” millisecond
Example: Reader receive one of BZ01T0500 command, it response one sounds, the sounds last for 500ms.
Send “BZ00” _ to turn OFF BUZZER


Command code for LED and Buzzer control video demo:


Send Command code “G00″, to ask the reader’s Green LED turn Off : g01-green-light-off

Send Command code “G01″, to ask the reader’s LED turn on Geen color LED:


Send Command code “R00″, to ask the reader’s Red LED turn Off :


Send Command code “R01″, to ask the reader’s Red LED turn On :




Certificates: CE/FCC




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